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      Welcome: Chuzhou kexin Machinery Technology Co., LTD
      Language: Chinese ∷  English

      Refrigerator & freezer equipment andautomatic production line

      Automatic skin condenser adhesive line

      • Product description: Automatic skin condenser adhesive line
      • INQUIRY

      External dimension of adhesive machine:   about 5000mm*1250*1500

      Size of adhesive products:   according to drawings provided by party a

      Diameter of condenser tube:   4mm

      Takt time:                about 20s (related to product length)

      Width of aluminum foil tape:  40mm

      Diameter of aluminum foil roll:  400mm

      Time for changing single roll of tape:  1~3min(related to manual proficiency)

      Power supply:              380V, 50HZ

      Gas source:                 0.5 MpA, diameter 3/4 'steel pipe

      Color of line body:          according to the color board provided by party a