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      Internal biliary mold

      • Blister forming mold
      Blister forming mold

      Blister forming mold

      • Product description: Blister forming mold
      • INQUIRY

      Blister forming mold

      Working environment: temperature 00C~450C,relative humidity is not more than 90%.

      Cylinder working pressure(bleed pressure) of core-pulling mechanism:0.5MPa~0.7MPa

      Vacuum pressure:-0.09Mpa-0.1Mpa

      Water cycle heating system: water temperature:900C~1000C,pressure≥0.05MPa

      Mold working temperature:800C~900C

      The diameter of the vacuum hole is generally Φ0.5mm-Φ0.8mm

      Distribution of vacuum holes:The vacuum hole spacing is 30mm-50mm

      Surface roughness requirements for mold forming:Ra≤0.8mm

      Mold material:Cast aluminium alloy ZL401

      The mold wall thickness:≥15mm